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In Spanish with Spanish, English, and Portuguese subtitles.

A social and cultural testimony of the Paraguayan rural life (in the autochthonous language of Paraguay: the Guarani), its problems of subsistence, the emigration of family members, their struggles for the recognition of their rights, their relationship with nature, and their hopes.

This testimony corresponds to a shared experience with the Ramos Gomez family, resident of Cordellerita Costa, Ybycui, Department of Paraguari, 120 km from the capital Asuncion on April 20th, 2008, national Election Day.


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DVD Edition
Movie (76 min.)
With Subtitles in Spanish, English, Portuguese.
EXTRAS Photo Gallery - Filmography - Commentaries.

Director, screenwriter y producer: Hugo Gamarra E.
Production: Hugo Gamarra E., Richard Careaga and Javier Brun.
Editor: Mario Fuentes
Music: Ismael Ledesma
Cinematographers: Jerónimo Buman, Luis Aveiro y Pietro Scapini
Photography: Javier Brun
Direct Sound: Juan Pablo Careaga
Sound Mixing: Omar Báez
Coordination Post Prodution: Gloria Rodas
Guarani Language Consultant: Fernando Robles

Filmed in Cordillerita Costa and Ybycuí, Dpto. of Paraguarí, Paraguay
Paraguay Production of Ara Films Produc., Synchro Image and Paraguay Imagen finalized in 2010

palm Selected for various international festivales, such as: Rio de Janeiro CINESUL, International Festival of Mar del Plata, International Festival of Political Cinema in Buenos Aires FICIP, CINEMAISSÍ of Finlandia, and Chicago Latin of USA.


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